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eJaguar E-60

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e5 Jaguar E-60 Energy Storage Battery

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Super High Capacity
60 Watt hours of stored energy means eJaguar provides your devices with hours or even days of additional power.

Hybrid Charging

Feed your eJaguar some self-produced solar energy. Or plug it into your home A/C outlet for a full charge within two just hours.

Make a connection
Recharge thousands of different devices including Notebooks and DSLRs via the included adapters.

One-Touch Operation
Smart devices should be easy to use. That's why your eJaguar only needs one button to operate.


The new eJaguar: Recharges your everything

What makes the eJaguar the most powerful energy storage battery is
its incredible versatility:
eJaguar accepts energy from a broad variety of different input sources, stores it in its generous 60 watt hour battery pack and keeps the juice ready for all your devices!

As an ideal companion on your outdoor- or trekking-tours, eJaguar will provide your smartphone or GPS, your digital camera and even your laptop with hours of energy.

Be your own energy supply

eJaguar has an energy storage capacity of 60 Watt hours. That is roughly the equivalent of a full Laptop Computer charge. But you can use this energy for all kind of portable electronic devices. With a wide array of adapters and cables, you will be able to hook almost every device to this powerful energy source.

Generate your own power to feed your eJaguar with your Element5 Solar Bag or by using our sets of powerful Solar Modules. A 110/220V wall outlet or any DC Car Charger with at least 15V will provide a good energy source for your eJaguar.

Your Backup in case of emergency

eJaguar is your reliable source of energy when you have no access to the power grid: Be it on a mountain hike or in case of a complete power outage.

In case of an emergency, eJaguar makes sure your communication devices stay powered for many more hours or even days. It gives you dozens of additional hours of usage for your mobile phone and locating device.

Use LED-Lamps with your eJaguar to illuminate rooms and tents for days.

You can find fully configured Survival Kits with solar modules here.

eJaguar and Apple MacBooks: A great match

Your MacBook is a great productivity tool and your eJaguar is
designed to keep it going for many more hours.

Recharging your MacBook is easy as plug-and-play.
All you need is the eJaguar to MacBook connection cable you can find here.

Compatible with:

Mobile- & Smartphones, Tablets (USB Charged), Note- und Netbooks

Recharge eJaguar with:

e5 Business, e5 Elegance, e5/Changers Solar Kits

What's in the box:

eJaguar Battery and adapters for Notebooks and Smartphones, Accessories
(View complete list)

Technical Specifications:

1. Batterietyp:    Li-Polymer 0640105PL
2. Kapazität:        16'000 mAh (@ 3.7V) / 60Wh
3. Input:        15-21V / bis 2.1A
4. Output:        DC:     19V*3A / 16V*3.5A / 12V*4A /            
            USB:     5V*2.1A
5. Dimensionen:    168mm x 116mm x 15mm
6. Gewicht:        525 Gramm

Find a detailled description to eJaguar on the product page.

This Product was added to our catalogue on Wednesday, 18. September 2013.

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